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Eligibility Assessment under the Skilled Migrant Category

Our Journey to Residence Assessment is an eligibility assessment under the SMC, where our in-house Licensed Immigration Adviser, Ms Stephanie Feret, will assess your points based on the information you will be providing to Fenix Visa. This includes the following:


  • Exclusive one-on-one 60-minute discussion and assessment with our LIA.

  • Full and detailed explanation of the SMC programme.

  • Thorough assessment of your experience and qualifications against the criteria for residence and the immigration policies applicable at the time of assessment.

  • Written roadmap of your potential Journey to Residence.

  • If you are married or have a live in partner, they may also join the assessment.

If you'd like to find out your eligiibility, submit your details and we'll send you a quotation for your assessment.

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