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Your Journey to the World

22 April 2023 | 9AM (Manila Time)
Holiday Inn Makati

As the world continues to open, Fenix Visa and Immigration Consulting, Inc goes global and wants to bring the world to those who endeavour to expand their horizons to migrate, work, or study.

Apart from experts in New Zealand immigration policies and requirements, our event also includes our partners, who are experts in Canada and Australia.

Stephanie Feret

​IAA License Number 201700294

Ms Stephanie was a Technical Advisor at Immigration New Zealand, New Zealand Embassy, where she ensures that immigration officers are well versed in immigration policy. Taking this expertise outside the embassy, she started her own immigration consulting firm and became a licensed immigration adviser. Ms Steph and her team has assisted hundreds of aspiring migrants for their New Zealand dream.

Joanna Caraig

Immigration Specialist

Ms Joanna was an Immigration Manager at Immigration New Zealand, New Zealand Embassy. She has worked her way from an immigration officer, to a technical advisor, and then a immigration manager. She now assists immigration advisers in ensuring the quality of visa documents so that aspiring migrants are able to travel smoothly on their journey to New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

Know what it takes to obtain Residence in New Zealand

Find out how to qualify for points under the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) visa from industry experts.

Learn how to obtain your Australian Dream

Listen to specialists in the Australian market on why it is a growing popular destination.

Explore the possibilities in Canada

Another popular destination for Filipinos and their families with cities growing immensely presents more opportunities.

Exciting discounts and prizes await you, your family, and your friends!


Register today and see you on 22 April 2023, at 9AM, at the Holiday Inn (Ramie Room) in Makati.

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